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Middleton Good Neighbor Fest 2021

After the Middleton GNF 5K 2021

Replenishing fluids after running the Middleton GNF 5 K, August 28, 2021

It’s been quite a while since we last sang at the Middleton Good Neighbor Festival, but pretty much every year a few of us take part in the Middleton GNF 5 K race. As always, we’re just a second tenor away from having a quartet, but somehow it always turns out ok.

It was a hot and humid morning this year, but we did the best we could, and then of course had to replenish fluids after the race!

Singing in the parking lot

On Thursdays June 3rd we had one of our biweekly parking lot meetings at Turner Hall. We had about ten members in attendance, and after replenishing fluids on such a warm day, we warmed up and sang a few songs. After a Bierpause, we saw a few more songs. It was good to sing together again!

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Paul Wertsch

Our own Paul Wertsch was the subject of an article in the UW’s School of Medicine and Public Health quarterly magazine. Oddly enough, the article is not about prescribing brandy for choir members.

If you haven’t seen it yet, click here to see the online version of the article.

2020 Choir Portrait

Before we halted our rehearsals in March 2020 due to the pandemic, we did have a photo session for a choir portrait. This would have appeared in the program book for our Spring 2020 Concert, but of course that was canceled too. Here is the photo:

2020 Choir Portrait

Group photo of the 2020 Madison Maennerchor

Rehearsals Suspended until April 9, 2020

We had a short meeting after our rehearsal on March 12th to discuss future rehearsals in light of the current public health emergency. Given the continuing spread of the coronavirus and the demographics of the choir, we decided to suspend rehearsals until April 9th.

Our Spring Concert is still scheduled for May 31st at Madison’s Turner Hall, but we will re-evaluate this in April.

Kay Heggestad

On Wednesday evening we sang a few songs at the “Celebration of Life” gathering for Kay Heggestad who passed away on Friday 1/13. She was married to long-time Maennerchor member Paul Wertsch. We extend our condolences to Paul and the family.

Kay wrote her own obituary and it has gone viral, so I thought I would put these links on the web site for those of you who haven’t seen them yet.

Here is her obituary, and here is the story from Channel 3 about her obituary going viral.

Tom George Greenway


Tom George Greenway is for Thomas T. George (1924-1999), a Madison lawyer, alderman from 1971 to 1975, and a Heritage Heights resident who lived at 905 Inwood Way.”

Tom sang with the Männerchor for many years.  This Greenway is located off of Cottage Grove Road on the East side of Madison.

Middleton Good Neighbor Fest 2015

After the race we made the usual stop at the beer tent to replenish fluids.

After the race we made the usual stop at the beer tent to replenish fluids.

It’s been a couple of years since the last time we sang at the Middleton Good Neighbor Fest, but a couple of us take part in the 5 K race almost every year. This year we were once again just a single Tenor II short of having a quartet.

The race was on Saturday morning August 29th; the rain had stopped by race time, though it did sprinkle a little and there was enough mist that I was glad I remembered to wear my lucky rain hat. After the race, there was the traditional stop at the beer tent to “replenish fluids.” And we all got free peaches. I have no idea why they were giving away peaches, but I was happy to take one.