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Welcome to the Madison Maennerchor Website.  We very much appreciate your interest in our organization.

The Madison Maennerchor is the oldest continuously active German men’s choir in Wisconsin and the second oldest in the United States.  We carry on the culture, heritage and folklore of Germany through our singing and fellowship.  The choir was founded in 1852, just 4 years after Wisconsin became a State, and we continue the tradition with a membership of about 40 singers and associate members.

If you would like to visit us and/or join the choir, come to one of our practices.  We practice each Thursday night at 7:00 pm at Turner Hall in Madison.  After practice we have a social hour with beer, brandy, sandwiches, and bakery.  You can also click on our calendar below on this page and come to one of our performances.

Joe Johnson, President

Directions to Turner Hall
Information on joining the choir
Our events Calendar


3 thoughts on “President’s Page

  1. Jeffrey E Sonnleitner

    Guten Tag!
    My name is Jeff Sonnleitner. I live in Oshkosh and have doing some research about German music. Here is what I am looking for…

    My father, Dr ET Sonnleitner, recently passed away leaving me a collection of very old German LP’s. He was extremely proud of his German heritage and my thoughts are to find a good home for the LP’s.

    If you are aware of anyone that would be interested, please send me an email and we can discuss.


    Jeff Sonnleitner
    Oshkosh WI

    1. Morris Post author

      Dear Jeff,
      I have sung with the Madison Maennerchor and am now an associate member. I archive sound and visual recordings and am acquainted with archivists at the State Historical Society. I’ll be glad to curate these records, digitize them and determine which historical societies would benefit from these. I expect that the Wisconsin Historical Society will probably be the recipient. Let’s get in touch and meet. My email is, phone is 608-332-8215.
      Morris Sadicario
      Madison WI


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