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DVD of our May 6th, 2102 performance at the Wisconsin State Capitol Rotunda in celebration of our 160th Anniversary. Playing time is about 50 minutes. US-format (NTSC).

Compact Disc – Heimat

Compact Disc – O Tannenbaum

Compact Disc – Madison Maennerchor Selections from 1995-2008

Compact Disc – Songs of Nellingen (Dan Proud)

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  1. Richard Jensen

    I finally found the Madison Maennerchor store today. I am searching for songs which were probably sung by the different men’s and/or women’s German-American singing groups in the mid/late 19th century. My primary reason for looking is that while my great-great grandparents settled in La Cross in 1857, in an article in the La Cross Tribune in 1914, on the occasion of their 60th wedding anniversary, it was mentioned that Melchior Volz was the last living charter member of the St. Joseph’s Liebesbund. The groups of La Crosse are long gone and no records of their music. I listoned to exerpts from HEIMAT, of which I presume most of the songs are 19th century or earlier, which other CD’s currently available would be recordings pre-WWI songs; hopefully different than those on the HEIMAT CD?


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